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The ultimate automotive air conditioning equipment solution

Solutions for any gas type

Each of the Fasep air conditioning equipment available are the perfect solution for any gas type. We ensure that you can find the perfect air conditioning gas recycling equipment, designed for your use case. We also have hybrid car compatible units so you can work with any car.

• R1234yf gas compatible.

• R134a gas compatible.

• Hybrid car compatible units.

Printers on all units

All Fasep air conditioning units are equipped with printers. This is to offer the highest levels of convenience so you can keep track of gas used and record dates and times.

Take advantage of the convenient features on offer in each of our Fasep AC gas recycling units.

• Keep track of gas used.

• Records date and time.

All consumables kept local

Each consumable required for all Fasep automotive air conditioning equipment are kept in stock at our local warehouses. This is to ensure we can provide you with a fast solution should you need these consumables quickly.

• All consumables kept in stock.

• Fast turnaround on service.

• Maintenance contracts offered for peace of mind.

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Our Range


The Fasep AC1350 is robust and practical with a sleek, and modern design. It was designed to manage the current gases used in vehicles (R134a & R1234yf) and can also serve systems that work with POE oils. This particular automotive air conditioning equipment is equipped with an easy to read dual line display with a simple to use keypad. Operators are accompanied step by step with clear messages on the display screen.

  • Integrated auto data base
  • HP-LP ports, or only HP, or only LP
  • Automatic air purge
  • Electronic vacuum gauge
  • Integrated solenoid valve manifold
  • Expansion valve
  • Refrigerant electronic scale
  • 80 mm HP-LP manometers pulse free with calibration
  • 50 mm refrigerant container manometer
  • Oil containers with quick coupler
  • Double chamber distiller
  • Graphic printer with settable text & print
  • Steel chassis
  • Window for oil pump inspection


The Fasep AC1360 is a safe and reliable unit. It was designed to manage the current gases used in vehicles (R134a & R1234yf) and can also serve systems that work with POE oils. It is equipped with a 4-line display screen and user-friendly keyboard. Operators are accompanied step by step with clear messages on the display screen. The AC3160 is a Fully Automatic machine that is efficient, manageable and easy to maintain.

  • Integrated solenoid valve manifold
  • Expansion valve
  • 80 mm HP-LP manometers pulse free with calibration
  • Refrigerant bottle pressure
  • PAG oil containers with quick coupler
  • PAG oil/UV containers sealed, disposable
  • POE/UV container with quick coupler
  • Oil drain bottle, sealed
  • Long life hoses
  • Vacuum pump
  • Double chamber distiller
  • Dual Filters
  • ABS panel high resistance

AC gas recyclers 100% Made in Italy

Each automotive air conditioning equipment and machine we supply have been designed and manufactured in Italy by Fasep. They have been supplying the automotive industry with high tech, innovative equipment since 1969, standing out for their unique style and design. All equipment Fasep makes is built and designed to the highest standards, being 100% made in Italy. We are one of Fasep’s selected suppliers, chosen for our proven support capabilities, and product and industry knowledge. For the best in automotive air conditioning equipment for sale, made and designed in Italy, you can count on Specialised Equipment to deliver.

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30 years of high-quality service

Our team at Specialised Equipment have been providing exceptional service and high quality products for our customers across Australia for over 30 years. In this time, we have provided highly effective solutions for all sectors of the automotive service industry, along with the capabilities to back up all our products with excellent service and support.

Over this time, we have built a strong relationship with Fasep, who have been delivering high quality automotive workshop equipment since 1969. Together we deliver incredible products and service our customers love, ensuring they receive the best equipment easily. If you are looking for great automotive air conditioning tools and equipment, Specialised Equipment is the right place for you.

Innovative automotive air conditioning equipment

Bringing the latest in innovative technologies and convenient features, the range of automotive air conditioning tools and equipment from Fasep, such as the AC gas recycling equipment, are leading the industry. Fasep has created the ultimate range of AC gas recycling solutions which bring together an easy to use interface, powerful automatic features, and high quality Italian design and manufacturing. Coming in two models, the Fasep AC gas recycling equipment are rated for R1234yf and R134a gas, so you can find the right model to suit your needs. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our team and we can connect you with the right model.

Contact Us For An Obligation Free Demo

Reach out to us for an obligation free demo of each of our automotive air conditioning tools and equipment. Simply fill out the contact form, send us an email, or give us a call and one of our team members will get in touch with you. From there we can arrange an obligation free demo for you to see the products and for our team to help you find the right solution. We believe personal service is important, so contact us today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you certified to sell A/C Machines?2021-05-17T15:59:32+10:00

Yes our technicians are 100% certified to work on and sell A/C Machines

We have completed all training and are ARCtick approved.

Do sell machines for R134a and 1234YF Gas?2021-05-17T16:00:16+10:00

Yes all of our machines can be configured to handle either 134A or 1234YF refrigerant gas.

Do you sell dual gas machines?2021-05-17T16:00:47+10:00

We can supply machines that support dual gas.

However, in practice we have found that these machines have larger chances of cross contamination due to operator error.

The additional cost of these units has also made us start suggesting customers buy 2 machines rather than buying a dual gas machine.

Can I buy a R134a machine and convert it to 1234YF later?2021-05-17T16:01:15+10:00

Yes, all our machines can be converted from R134A to 1234YF at a later date.

The machine will need to be returned to our workshop for the conversion to be carried out as the machine needs to be reconfigured and flushed before use.

Do you’re AC gas recycling machines contain printers?2021-05-17T16:01:38+10:00

Yes all of our machines come with printers as standard.

How can I purchase one of your Automotive air conditioning equipment?2021-05-17T16:02:04+10:00

Currently we do not allow you to purchase one of our Automotive air conditioning equipment online through our website. However, you can order a product simply by contacting us. This is because we have very specialised equipment designed for the automotive servicing industry. When you reach out to our team we will be able to provide you with a free quote and an obligation free demo. Give us a call on 1300 831 960, or email us at [email protected].

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